Reflecting Starlight

by Andy Copeman



A darkened room with a candle or two, or a quiet time by yourself with nothing pressing for an hour or so, a gift of healing for you and those you love. This album is as much a sound healing journey as a collection of songs and instrumentals. Put it on and find peace within yourself!


released December 9, 2014

All writing, composing, performing, recording, mixing, editing and mastering by Andy Copeman.
acoustic guitar, electric guitar, e-bow guitar, cittern, guitar synth, keyboards, programming, vocals, overtone singing



all rights reserved


Andy Copeman Maleny, Australia

Andy Copeman is a visionary musician, sound healer, sound and video artist, shamanic practitioner and recording engineer and producer. Instruments include voice, guitars, keyboards, programming, cittern, bass, percussion, tin whistle, kora, ba wu, fiddle, didgeridoo, singing bowls etc.
With his beloved Laurel Hefferon he runs Awakening Centre in Maleny in South-east Queensland.
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Track Name: That's Enough
If I could say one prayer in this lifetime
And it's "Thank-you"
That's enough.

If I could say three words to you
I love you
That's enough
Track Name: Garden of my Heart
In the Garden of my Heart I found a flower
In the essence of my breath I found a seed
In the beauty of the sun I saw an ocean of love
In the wonder of the morning I found me.

In the sound of your breath
I hear the sound of the Universe
In the light of your life
I see the light in me

In the touch of your heart
I feel the heart of the universe
In the warmth of your love
I feel the love in me

Om Mani Padme Hum
Track Name: Heart Sutra
Gate Gate
Para Gate
Para Sum Gate
Bodhi Swaha

Gone Gone
Completely Gone
Gone forever
What a Blessing!
Track Name: Kingfisher Calling
A flash of blue in a winter sky
A solstice greeting
I sit and watch with tears in my eyes
Oh the beauty

A flash of blue on sparkling water
Thank-you for the lesson
I sit and breathe as the day goes by
Oh the beauty

The simple things
The playful things
The happy things
The unexpected things

It's a simple life
A playful life
A joyful
An unexpected life

And I surrender to the beauty
And I surrender to the moment
And I surrender...
To Life