The Eternal Dance

by Andy Copeman



This record marks a huge shift in my work, my life, my location and my consciousness. It also comes at a time when people all over the world are feeling similar shifts as we move towards a more enlightened, loving and conscious state; rising through the heart chakra to true connection with ourselves, with each other and with the divine universe.

This project started at the time I decided to leave Western Australia, my home for 35 years, and return to my birth state of Queensland, with my lover Laurel Hefferon, to set up a centre of excellence in Love Light Healing and Music, called Awakening Centre in the exquisitely beautiful Blackall Range; specifically in the lovely community of Maleny.

This CD was finished in my new studio looking out into rainforest with Bunya trees, Tallow woods, Picabean Palms and Strangler Figs, to the musical accompaniment of butcher birds, currawongs, magpies and whip birds.

This CD has been recorded at the same time as its companion Live Love Evolve, which contains material of a more directly spiritual and meditative nature.

Special thanks to Laurel, for sharing a dream, and making this dream reality; for her love, support and encouragement; and for having the first pair of ears (apart from mine) to hear this music as it was made.

How does it get better than this?


released November 1, 2010

All tracks written, composed and arranged by Andy Copeman except where noted

All instruments, voices, recording, editing, mixing, processing and mastering by Andy Copeman.

Instruments used: Daion L999 acoustic guitar (1981), Maton JB4 fretless bass (late seventies), Squeir stratocaster (early 80’s), Scott Wise 10-string cittern (1983), John McKnowall bodhran (2003), shaman drum built at a workshop with John Wife (2009), Jérome de Thibouville-Lamy violin (1890’s)

Recorded with Pro Tools, Reason, Guitar Rig, Sibelius and a few other bits of software

Recorded at Doghill Rd Studio (Baldivis WA) and Awakening Centre Productions (Maleny, Queensland). Mixed and Mastered at Awakening Centre Productions.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti



all rights reserved


Andy Copeman Maleny, Australia

Andy Copeman is a visionary musician, sound healer, sound and video artist, shamanic practitioner and recording engineer and producer. Instruments include voice, guitars, keyboards, programming, cittern, bass, percussion, tin whistle, kora, ba wu, fiddle, didgeridoo, singing bowls etc.
With his beloved Laurel Hefferon he runs Awakening Centre in Maleny in South-east Queensland.
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Track Name: Come with Me
Have you ever felt the call of the mountains?
Have you ever felt the call of the trees?
Have you ever longed to sit by a waterfall
And know what it’s like to be free?
Then come with me, om.

Have you ever reached for your lover
And held her in the middle of the night?
‘Til the panic and the fear are all over
And once again the loving dream takes flight.
Then come with me, om.

Have you ever longed to leave this desert
Where the hearts and minds of men are so dry?
Longed to walk among beauty forever
And sing and laugh and dance with your tribe.
Then come with me, om.

Have you ever found truth in a flower?
Or laughed at the abundance of a meal?
Or wept at the music of a magpie?
And known that only these things are real?
Then come with me, om.

Walk with me, Dance with me,
Talk with me, Love with me,
Live with me, Fly with me,
Laugh with me, Cry with me,
Come with me, om
Track Name: Back from the Edge
In my time I’ve had some pain and sorrow
I’ve struggled hard against the common flow
I’ve laughed and cried and dreaded each tomorrow
Hated life and didn’t want to know.

I’ve roamed the night in search of inspiration
Risked my life in search of peace and love
Felt the fire of hatred slash across me
Felt the anger wash down from above

You pulled me back from the edge
Though the yawning chasm beckoned me
You pulled me back from the edge
Lulled me to sleep and set me free

They say that we must suffer to be beautiful
But beauty isn’t worth the price some pay
They say that we must live for our art alone
It’s not enough, no matter what they say

You pulled me back from the edge
Though the brink of disaster beckoned me
You pulled me back from the edge
Lulled me to sleep and set me free

In you I’ve found the peace I thought denied me
From you I get the strength that guides me on
The thought of trying without you beside me
Brings me to the end of this song
Track Name: Flying
Daddy, why is the floor so unclean?
It’s enough to make my stomach turn green
It’s a pity we didn’t bring our shoes down
It’s a pity our feet have to touch the ground

What did you mean my son, what did you say?
Are you sad that we are not flying away?
That our feet are so heavy they keep us pinned
When we’d like to be flying away on the wind

But daddy you know that we never can fly
And only a certified fool would try
So we’re stuck on the dirty old mucky old clay
Until we are buried on our dying day

Ah but son, we can fly whenever it pleases us
When ever the bliss of deep slumber releases us
So wash your feet, clean your teeth until the gleam
And you’ll fly away on the wings of your dream
Track Name: Calling me Home
My Mother is calling me home (2x)
Home to her healing, home to her arms
My Mother is calling me home

My Father is calling me home (2x)
Home to the mountains, home to the sea
My Father is calling me home

My Brother is calling me home (2x)
Home to my spirit, home to be free
My Brother is calling me home

My Sister is calling me home (2x)
Home to the feasting, home to the dance
My Sister is calling me home

My children are calling me home (2x)
Home to find laughter, home to find peace
My children are calling me home

My Mother is calling me home (2x)
Home to forgiveness, home to her heart
My Mother is calling me home
Track Name: Jesus Song
Born in a Sunday school
with choir before breakfast
Raised on bread and wine and forgiveness
For someone else's sins
Taught that life was misery
That humanity was evil
That fear and prayer and chastity
Would bring us our reward

Watched the so-called holy ones
Wreak god-given vengeance
On the miserable, the unfortunate,
the different, the weak.
Watched them work in Jesus’ name
To rape our home this planet earth
Set wars against those in the way
And sleep sound every night

Take the sacred from an oak tree
And all that's left is timber
Take the sacred from a mountain
And all that's left is gold
Take the sacred from a river
And all that's left is water
Take the sacred from this life on earth
And all that's left is hell.

Although Jesus never said anything
About legal sanctioned killing
About stealing little children
Abortion or divorce
About brutalised conversions
Contraception or sexuality
Or arrogant domination
Or Christianity

You know Jesus was a carpenter
A Shaman and a teacher
A holy man and healer
Whose father was a man
Jesus talked a little bit
About freedom from oppression
But you know his big obsession
Was life and peace and love.
Track Name: Dolphin Song
I heard the dolphins call my name
As we lay beside the naked shore
And magic flowed into our souls
And touched us with her gentle hand

I heard the mountains call my name
As we felt the age of the giant trees
And wisdom flowed into our minds
And pain and sorrow were left behind

I heard you softly call my name
As we lay beside the sacred shore
And love flowed between our souls
And we understood the dolphins’ call

And a sadness filled my heart as we drove into the city
Through the sad broken land that was crying out for pity
For the time of man is passing the pillaging and the burning
The arrogance is gone and now the wisdom is returning

And we’ll bring the magic home again
From the mountains and the naked shore
Plant the trees and heal the pain
And the earth will live and breathe once more
Track Name: Only Love (My Mother taught me)
My mother taught me
There’s a place beyond death
Where there is no death

My mother taught me
There’s a place beyond fear
Where there is no fear

My mother taught me
There’s a place beyond pain
Where there is no pain

My mother taught me
There’s a place beyond expectations
Beyond hopes, beyond dreams, beyond life
Where none of these exist
Or ever have existed

My mother taught me
There’s a place beyond love
Where there is only love
Track Name: Long Way
The black dog died on the road down south
Just after St John’s Brook
There was blood on her muzzle and fire in her eyes
But I couldn’t bear to look
So I brushed her aside and went on my way
To the place where the honey flows
Where my loving sister waits for me
In the shade where the marri grows

And it’s oh, what a long way to go

But the water stank in the old tin tank
Where the mother roo was slain
And the putrid reek where the floorboards creak
Showed us where her child had lain
And the tiger snake with the chancred side
Crossed our path near home sweet home
Dripped blood on the rosemary where it died
Stained memory and stained the loam

And the white wolf rose from that smokey night
In the north by the green wood side
There was hell in her puzzling probing eyes
What a beautifully stormy ride
And I writhed in pain and I writhed in delight
In her den by the funerary urn
‘Til the call from the east led her from my sight
Left me here by myself to burn

But before she obeyed and went on her way
To the land of the shining gold
She granted to me one wish for one day
One memory of her to hold
So I called on all my manly might
And I called on my tender soul
And I tamed that wolf for one sweet night
So sweet and yet so cold